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k so ive almost compleately forgoten about this .... sorry i suck at life i know i moved on do deviantart but i think ill have something up maybe in the near future but definently eventually!

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17:32 Sun 7/22/2007
howdy :]

02:07 Sun 7/22/2007
Thanx for the fave! And nice art! xD

18:32 Tue 3/13/2007
hi! welcome, your art is aweasome! i hope to see more from you and i's REALLY apreciate if you visit my gallery, please. Keep it up!

18:01 Mon 9/11/2006
Welcome to the archive!!!

19:04 Mon 9/4/2006
Vicount Anagram Ramset
Heh heh heh...*ahem* Welcome to the archive. I hope you enjoy your stay! ^^ B'way, nice first picture. If you ever need anything, mortal, feel free to let me know....

06:57 Tue 8/29/2006
Lil Cheetah
lol! Welcome! A Not_Quite_Normal fan, I presume! :D so am I! Her art is awesomeness!

06:39 Tue 8/29/2006
Wow first comment! Welcome to the archive! you got some nice art there, keep it up!!! :D

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