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Hello there! I`m just a lazy guy who sometimes come back here and post some pictures. I loved Lion King when I was a child and I still want to draw something related to this fandom and upload it here. Though I`m not very active.

Anyway feel free to leave comments :)

17:24 Tue 8/9/2016
Your art is so awesome! Wish I could draw like you.

12:04 Wed 5/20/2015
I'm sorry I haven't commented often Andra, but I do think your art is amazing, keep up the excellent art :D
*quick comment*

edit: Hi again my friend, happy birthday *hugs*
have a great day :3

06:00 Sat 6/28/2014
EDIT: Wow Andra, I've looked at your most recent art and it's amazing ^^ I think you should be AOTM :)

11:43 Thu 6/26/2014
I love your art :)

13:09 Thu 1/23/2014
Hello :)

Do you have a single lions or other feline characters and maybe you're searching for partners for them? If yes, I have a contest here and also on dA - 6 my characters (3 lions and 3 lionesses) want to meet their future love :D. If you're interested, check it ;)

13:54 Wed 5/29/2013
Wolf 777
Hi Andra Wolf 777 here :) your art is amazing it's so cool keep it up, if you have time come visit my gallery i would love to hear from you :) keep up the great artwork Astra. from the Wolf with sunglasses ;)
-Wolf 777.

13:20 Sun 9/23/2012
You have won 3rd place in my contest The best couple of lions and lionesess!you have 1 request.cograts!

08:30 Sat 9/15/2012
Hi Andra! Been a while! How would you like to do another trade? You can pick any of my charries to draw! If so, which of yours should I draw? Thank yous!

Edit: Congrats! You got second place in my contest! I'm in the process of drawing your piccie. Thanks for entering! :D
edit: Yaaayyyy! I'll do that! =D
~Aslana =^.^=

11:32 Sat 8/18/2012
You have an awesome style!! Keep up the great work!!
Edit: just wanted to let you know, you won my contest. I get to draw of your chars!!!!

11:46 Mon 7/16/2012
wow you are really awesome! i can't believe I havnt found you on here yet! i was wondering if you would want to do a trade XD it would be fun!

YAY! umm could you draw my char Marth? I'm not sure how to put the ref in this comment box but its an old ref up on my page.Thank you so much!

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