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<B><h1> Hello! Welcome to Lanaya's page!<h2>

More Updates! (1/8/10)
Well... it's taken me a couple of years to get settled into college :) but I am back... for now... I want to finish the comic series I started, and begin a new, exciting, and cannon project!

New Updates!...(12/20/07)
Wow, I have been away for a while... but I am starting to get settled in to college, and can hopefully get a few pics done once in a while, and also finish that comic series I started a while back.

The 5-6 stories relating to my finished "masterpiece" "The Cape Pride", are curently being written. I am done with the writting, and on to the sketching with one, and are working on the writting for three others. The stories I am writing are as follows:
-Degas and Sihaya's love story
-Seku's story
-Arjay's cubhood
-Soto's story
-Roto's story
-Any others??? (suggestions please)

Thank you to my fans. You all make my day.

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I am now a college student, specifically at University of Wisconsin Steven's point... I am a Wildlife Biology Major, but I am also double majoring in Art. I have a job as the director of public relations for the student branch of our residential living office, so I spend much of my time designing posters and such things.

Feel free to check out my gallery over at Devient Art!

Feb. 19, 2007

I stumbled on your artwork through one of the comics you posted. I'll freely admit to spending the next half hour or so going through the entire series you have posted. I think you have a great skill with storytelling and I adored your comics. I hope you write more in the future. Great job.

July 14, 2006
Hi, you got some great art there, keep it up!!! :D

June 23, 2006
You are one of the best artists/writers i have EVER seen. your story is fantstic!!!!!

July 21, 2005
Cool pics!!
Keep updating, please. ;)


June 5, 2005
O thanks for displaying the icon on ur page i feel so useful. O and I am sending it to u in ur art trade and requests.

May 8, 2005



Yer pics are pretty good too! Better backgrounds than I've done already! XD

April 25, 2005
Hi there!!

I love your pictures!! You're so good with expressions! And that fanfic of yours sounds fascinating! I'd like to see more! :)

April 4, 2005
Well, well, well! Your off to a nice start here! I have to comment on the fact that you have great characters. I find their histories intriging...

May I ask if ye havet he fanfiction posted anywhere? I'd be intrested in taking a look at it when I get a little more time on my hands.

March 4, 2005
Alex Cole
this is nice..... I am glad I found you! I hope to see more! ;)

Feb. 13, 2005
SnowTigress [MHC]
hey i like ur art its nice

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