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Okay I was kidding.
Lol I'm starting to get into this site again :D

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Hello! I'm LadyOfTheValley.

I only upload when I have ideas. Other than that, not much goes on around here

01:52 Sat 12/12/2015
Hi ya LadyOfTheValley,

I see you've been around since 2009, and quite a long way you've come so far. :) Keep up them vibrant colourful pieces of yours. ^^ And please, don't do like I did; deleting them in a fit of angry rage. For one might come to miss her or his own old works one day.

But enough for me rambling your ear off. I especially wanted to thank you for wishing my sickly stricken foster-mother well. Know, that it's appreciated. ^^ Thanks again, and take care. :)

10:54 Thu 11/7/2013
Wolf 777
Hello Kovufan28 Wolf 777 here :) welcome to the Archive i hope you have a great time here :) you have great art so far keep it up, can't wait to see more from you in the future, keep up the awesome artwork Kovufan28, from the Wolf with sunglasses ;)
-Wolf 777.

Edit: oops my bad xD lol

10:12 Wed 1/2/2013
it's been a while since you got a user comment, huh? well you should have more, i like your art :)
btw, i even fanned you :)

00:54 Sat 6/4/2011
Hello! You have rather interesting theories and cute characters. Maybe I`ll draw some of your characters soon)

14:46 Sun 5/22/2011
Hi. :)
Could you tell me which characters you'd like me to draw for next month, please?
I won't be on TLKFAA in summer, so I thought I'd draw the pic for you before I leave.

10:51 Fri 7/9/2010
Hey, check out my gallery sometime. And just wondering... when u say, my art is some of the greatest creations on this website, bragging much? And no offense, but ive seen better. (ive seen people better than me to, dont worry)

22:31 Fri 6/18/2010
gee, deleting my comment sure is a funny way to show that you're "sorry" for being rude to me

19:55 Thu 3/11/2010
Hi! You have some very interesting theories here! :3 I hope to see some art from you soon and I would like for you to check out my art, too. X3


11:00 Wed 1/6/2010
Uhm, well that's ok ^^"! You don't have to be sorry, but I think, that it's your way to see the TLK universe, and not the original canon one :)! Mine is also wrong. The canon version is: Sarabi and Mufasa are mated, currently, Vitani has no mate and Kovu and Kiara no cubs. Kopa is not really canon, because he doesn't appear in the films. He is in the Semi-Canon universe =)

So no-one is right or wrong.

23:50 Sun 7/12/2009
Your art is really vibrant and so full of energy! It's great. Keep it up.

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