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Hey guys! I <b>think</b> its safe to say that I'm back again, after an eight year hiatus. Oops! I've done a lot of growing in those years though, both in maturity and my art. For now I'm just working on expanding my gallery, so please bear with me while I flesh it out some more!
Art trades and commissions are open for the summer! Either comment or email me and we'll work something out :).

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10:57 Tue 6/28/2011
Hehe, welcome back :)
I really like your pictures and especially your main character!!
I compared your 2003 pictures and new ones and what can I say - you improved so greatly! (I know you know it already XD )

12:32 Wed 7/28/2010
Wow, Labonia, you've gotten really good! bravo ^^ can't believe you've been here since 2003. welcome back :3

23:54 Sat 8/8/2009
Are you a returning artist? You've really improved ^^


16:47 Sat 9/6/2003
Hey, Tear! Thanks for your nice comments in my site! You're a very good artist yourself:o)


11:45 Sat 7/12/2003
<font color=orange>Welcome to TLKFAA. Keep up the great work. I love your style. Keep uploading. You are off to a great start. Come by my section and let me know what you think. I love Xiang, he is so cute.

21:21 Mon 7/7/2003
Not bad work with the horses! I can see that you draw them often; you've perfected your style quite nicely! I'm a cat lover myself, so TLK works out for me. Drop by my archive sometime if you'd like!
Keep those awesome horse pics comin'!
~Kobb cheetah

19:08 Mon 7/7/2003
Aaaawww such a cute art! so lovely!! keep it up the grat work! i love you horses ^-^

23:45 Sun 7/6/2003
Hey! I see your an avid horse drawer. Very nice! I can't draw horses worth beans, so I stick to my lions and birdies. Check me out, and leave a comment while your there! I'm new here too. I hope you like it as much as I do! Keep up the good work!


16:43 Sat 7/5/2003
cool art - you're neat at horses - ive drawn a couple myself, but yours are cool! ^_^ great work - keep it up
bye bye

20:33 Fri 7/4/2003
TEAR!!! Hello!! Tis shay from the oekaki oards tehe..COME CHECK OUYT MY ART PLZ!!!.. well Ill add you to my fav. artist list.\

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