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Hey everybody!

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HI there!

As you can see, my name is L.O.T.B.D, but i go by LOT for short. *(I aslo have on some of my pics, '(C) to Balto_Tracer' that is another one of my names, it is still me, just under my other name!)* I have a younger sister. I live in The USA!!!! (not gonna tell you where, but i live in the US and that is all you need to know!) ^^

I'm guessing you wanna know a little about my personality/ likes & dislikes right? well here is a little tid-bit for ya!

Um, i love drawing! I love playing in the backyard with my sibling, and friends. I love swimming, and any sport you do with a boat (kneeboarding, wakeboarding, sking, tubing..ect). I love my friend, Matt. He is amazing!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!

I hate art theifs, with a passion! Grumpy people, liers, sore loosers (sheesh)!!

I am quite a fun person, but very shy. When i'm with my friends though, i'm not. I'm very bold, and usually take any dare anybody gives me (within reason). I love to play around, i'm a big joker. I can be crazy, espesially when i have sugar, cake, or coke-a-cola!! (good times, good times)

So i guess that answers a few questions about me. If ya have anymore, just ask! O! By the way, i am a horrible speller, so please excuse my misspellings! Thanks!

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