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Pic from Tandi
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15:51 Thu 6/5/2008

Colored Line-Art:

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Joined Mar 20, 2004
First Upload Jun 5, 2008
Latest Upload Jun 5, 2008
Age/Birthday May 30, 1990 (age 27)
Gender Female
Location Chicago
Occupation Lighting Designer
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AIM thelionqueen88
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I don't come around here as much as I used to, but I am still alive. Feel free to IM or e-mail me anytime.

23:28 Tue 8/26/2008
Queen Cheetah
Wow, I really like your remaining pic! I sincerely hope you upload new pics when you get inspired to do so! Hope ta see more art from ya!

(P.S. -If you don't know who this is, I met you at the anime club meeting... I don't like to use my real name online, so I just go by Queen Cheetah ;).

06:13 Fri 8/5/2005
hey i totally didnt notice u were the 1st fan on my fan list thank u so much i love your art your colouring is good i couyld never do that!
brill art 2!and how cool u like final fantasy me too, and i love ff 8 it looks so cool but i have never played it either lol


17:20 Sat 7/16/2005
Heya! thanks for puttin me on your favs! that means alot to me!

16:06 Thu 6/2/2005
I love your art thanks for putting me as one of your Favorite artist. I will be back to check out more of your work.

21:44 Sun 5/29/2005
Super Simba
Hi Kuna, thanks for saying hi! Making music videos, huh? Sounds interesting! What's the process of making one? Yeah, I haven't had much time for trades, either...Of course, summer coming so that should give me some free space! Wow...I can't believe I'll be in high school next year....middle school is bad enough! ;)

See ya round!
~Super SImba

15:35 Fri 3/11/2005
Hello there. I know I kinda late, but I wanted to tel ya I LOVE your art. Your style is very unique. It's like Lion King, but a bit more realistic. (I think it's your coloring.)
Speaking of coloring, your real media skills are the shiznit. I love your color pencile stuff.
Hope ta see more from you. Really love the art.

Love ya,

05:33 Sun 2/20/2005
Rainbow Fountains

14:30 Sun 1/23/2005
Kuna, you rock. I love your art. All your drawings are so expressive and full of emotion. You'll be a great artist one day if you don't give up! Yay! ::grins:: I got add you to my list of favorite artists. Ta-ta! ~Tex~

09:31 Sat 12/4/2004
Hiya! Thanks for your comment by the way! So glad we are friends!
Update: I am holding a contest, you can see what it is about in the bulletins!!! Pleeeze join!!!

21:46 Fri 11/26/2004
Aqua/Sequoia Lioness
Hey there, cool art! Keep it up!

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