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Hello, I'm the artist known as KruegerKat. I used to be known as Astro, but I left and 2 years later, I'm back!

Well, I suppose you want to know a little bit about me, since you clicked this. So, here I go.

•I'm a bit of a horror movie fanatic, my favourites being Nightmare on Elm St, Halloween, Scream, Friday the 13th and Sweeney Todd. I own a Freddy Krueger doll & glove and a Michael Myers plush.
•I love to listen to music, so I'm rarely seen without my IPod or mobile and my headphones in my ears.
•I'm what you could describe as 'eccentric'. I'm very strange online but I'm even wierder in real life!
•I'm practically attached to my drawing stuff. I draw whenever I can, wherever I can. I draw through most classes at school, my best sketches seem to happen there!
•I'm unimpressed with 'drama llamas'. Although sometimes it can be amusing, most of the time it is annoying.
•I hate art theives. I will try my best whilst on the online world to find them and stop them.
•I love to make friends! I'm rather shy and anti-social in real life, but online I seem to make friends alot easier.
•I'm on a few other websites. You can find me on Deviantart, Twitter, Blogger and Youtube. Read my artist comments to get links to my pages!
•I'm very creeped out by spiders and most insects, except butterflies.
•My favourite anime's are Death Note, YuGiOh (including GX & 5D's) and Pokemon.

Well, I hope you now know a bit more about me than you did before.

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