Are you sure?


2017-11-19 17:56:14.0
Kovu is going to have delicious dinner!
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2017-08-30 17:52:09.0
The Lion King: Forgotten Story
Characters from the left:
Anashi - The lost prince
Luka - the princess of "Kingdom of Seven Lords"
Karaha - an White Assassin

This picture took me actually eight hours to draw! :o But I am glad how it turned out :D
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2017-08-29 18:04:32.0
TLK: The Ramsay's Reign
This is a picture showing teenage Zira the day before she found out, that her brother Ramsay is a murder. She no longer wanted to stay in home, so she run away. Unfortunately, Ramsay is going to do everything to become a powerful king of Kijani Kingdom, and some still believe that Zira could take his place.
After that day, she won't be safe untill she meets Scar...
995 x 803
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2017-08-29 13:38:52.0
The Lion King
My version of teenage Kovu c: A little old one, I think that now i would make an different type of shading. What do you think? :D
854 x 936
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2017-10-07 20:53:26.0
TLK: The Ramsay's Reign
Finally! Here it is, a completed cover for Ramsay's Reign :D I am going to put a basic description about the main plot and this character when I'll upload this picture on my DA account (what will probably happen tomorrow - I am waaay to tired to do it right now, it's like near 4 am in my country and I've just finished to draw... I swear I could fell asleep over my tablet while writing it c': ). I've put a lot of effort into drawing this, so as always your opinion (critisizm also c; ) is really imortant to me!
See you guys tomorrow!
1399 x 1855
1109.919921875 KB
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2017-11-18 14:44:13.0
The Lion King: Forgotten Story
New reference sheet of my OC Luka! c; I know I made one not so long time ago, but there were some major changes in my style lately. I don't color lineart anymore, I have my own way of doing hair and eyes (I don't follow Disney "rules" anymore) and a few more things such as shading and lightning technique has changed too. It suits much more for my uncanonic character designs, haha XD I draw for fun, so I hope it doesn't bother anyone - weird, sometimes silly designs are my thing.
This is a reference of Luka after she joined the Outlanders. Before she had her hair loose. I am going to make a reference for her mate and some other outlanders too! Including Zira as a teenager. Can you guys guess, which lion is Luka's... choosen one by heart? x3
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2017-09-25 14:29:08.0
I'd rather be shiny!
Like a treasure from a sunken pirate wreck
Scrub the deck and make it look
I will sparkle like a wealthy woman's neck
Just a sec!

I think I just found an art style that suits me best <3 This is the first picture I made with this technique and I am sure one thing - not last. I fell in love with this shiny, anime-like design :D

Ps. Who else can't stop listening Moana's songs? :D
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2017-12-18 08:36:41.0
The Lion King: Forgotten Story
This picture is a redraw of a piece I've done five months ago. I removed it because of really rude comment that appeared then, telling me how... (censored word xc )... my art and unlikeble my characters are. No kidding, it was writed just directly and with very mean words that seriously hurted my feelings. But two days ago I looked at it again and decided to give that piece another try. And here's the effect c;
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2017-08-29 16:58:54.0
"Afraid of hyenas? Why would I ever be afraid of hyenas? I fight hyenas for breakfast!"

Meet Lilith - a member of the West Lion Guard, whose duty (together with the rest of the group) is to keep safety on the only path through the mountains between The Outlands and Lazurite Valley. Maybe I'll draw the rest of the group soon! :D
1280 x 1413
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2017-08-30 15:11:31.0
The Lion King 2
"I am not gonna stop till I'll be number one in >Deutschland< Outland!"

A small art of my favourite TLK character (near Scar) c: I was drawing this picture while listening Number One in Deutschland from Hanzel und Gretyl band (the line at the description's beginning is actually slighty edited text from that song). I love their songs, some of them perfectly capture Nuka's personality traits from my story, and I just love imagine how he makes a total mess when I hear this type of music :D

Ps. And what is your favourite TLK character? ;3
859 x 930
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2017-09-21 18:15:56.0
TLK: The Ramsay's Reign
A veeeery old drawing of Zira and Ramsay hanging out together, but I thought that it might be a good idea to upload it here c: In the picture Zira is happy because she cought the zebra, but in the actual story her hunt gone horribly XD (It was one of her first). And Ramsay is not known to be supportive brother in these situations...

It was my first digital drawing in Ibis Paint X. The grass is awful, the shading is awful, the characters looks awful, but I like it anyway ;D I think it's because the nostalgia thing, I don't know ;P
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2017-09-01 19:16:18.0
The Lion King: Forgotten Story
"Faster, Nuka! You're almost there!"
"I'm coming, I'm comming. Why are we in such a hurry?"
"Couse the amazing adventures wait for us! We can't dissapoint them, can we?"
"Fair enough, my friend. Fair enough".

These clouds turned out to look like cotton candy XD
1616 x 1010
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2017-09-02 15:43:27.0
"I am Bunga The Brave" :D
He is a little older here than in the actual show ;3
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2017-09-03 10:39:35.0
Once Luka saw it, it's not safe anymore XD
1130 x 1010
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2017-09-10 14:23:09.0
A little portrait of my character Luka ;3 It's a redraw of a picture I drew two months ago, but I actually can see a progress through that short amount of time. It's also fun for me to make redraws od old, crappy drawings I made a couple od years ago with Luka too! :D I suggest you guys to try redraw one of your old art, cause it's nice to to see an improvement, it also gives a great motivation to draw even more!
1843 x 2000
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2017-11-11 09:53:12.0
I am so happy I've finally started this comic for real :D You probably guys already know who showed up in Nuka's, haha ^^
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2017-09-19 15:03:47.0
Anashi - the lost prince. This is a portrait drawn for "Main Characters" page on my blog ;3
I am seriously thinking about changing his name to "Asani" which means "rebelious" in Suahili. I don't know... should I do that?
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2017-08-30 06:18:30.0
Let me introduce you Luka - my first Lion King original character crated maaany years ago, I thinik it's gonna be eight years by now c: Despite the fact that by now I've got like dozens of TLK OCs , I still feel attached to her the most. The is joyful, happy and nice to everyone, but also tends to be naive and clumsy ;3
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2017-09-29 09:04:07.0
The Lion King: Forgotten Story
I thought that maybe I'll try to upload my comic pages not only on DA, but also here - on TLKFAA. I don't really know if that's a good idea - we'll wait and see. If you guys are going to like it, then I will continiue to upload next pages :D

This isn't Prologue on official start of TLK: Forgotten Story series. This is Pilot in which i am going to test my drawing skills, establish the style and comic-writing. So it's not really supposed to tell a particular story rather than a check myself if I am good enough. This test-chapter is gonna have about 12 pages and after that I will decide if I am ready to start working on Prologue, or maybe I should wait untill I'll improve c: Every your advice or activity is extremly helpful! <3
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2017-10-05 09:13:10.0
The Lion King: Forgotten Story
The West Lion Guard is a group of animals that keeps safety on one only path between The Outlands and The Stormy Mountains. I decided to give them more "outlandish" design because of incredibly hard to live place they have to guard. It is not a great difficulty for them, though. The West Lion Guard is known to be tough, strong and a bit spooky. Those who underestimate the strenght of even the smalest member of the group is going to realize that mistake quickly and... painfully.

What do you guys think? ;3
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2017-10-08 16:02:40.0
TLK: The Ramsay's Reign
First page is Prologue's title page... well, there's nothing much to say about it. We're about to have 5-6 chapters, every one will be preceded with a title-page like this :3 And a very short Epilogue.
To those that are interested:
Actually, in the Polish version Epilogue was just the same as the Prologue - we saw ending at the beginning of the story, but here I decided to change it a little bit. Original ver. would make much less sense in a comic than it does in all-written chapters. And I want the ending to be a mystery c; So what basically is a Chapter 1 in a Polish version - will be The Prologue in comic version ;3

Have an nice day! c;
1280 x 1689
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2017-08-31 15:59:23.0
Requested OC art for TLK-MarshallxEverest from Deviantart c; She isn't mine character, but was fun to draw.
1280 x 1415
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