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13:17 Sun 11/23/2008
Hi Kosey, I don't know if you remember me, I'm Leorgathar from Impressive Title ^^
I just thought about typing your username in TLKFAA and here I found you :P
you're very good at drawing, I like your works, that's why I'm gonna fave you right away ;)

See ya around

00:44 Sun 2/17/2008
Nice music on your player XD Avril Lavigne rules :) I get to meet her in March :D

Edit: For serious, I won a t-shirt design contest on DeviantArt. Fun fun fun, and you can even buy my design at Avril's website, actually you can buy all three of my designs. The "Mayhem T", "Bleeding Skull T", and the "Raggedy Av T" are the ones I created. They look better on the actual t-shirts than they do on the website previews.

10:12 Sun 10/7/2007
OMG! I can't belive! You love Avril Lavigne too??AHH! ANd I don't know why, I have all cds but I don't have the music falling down! snif! Love your art!

14:16 Mon 8/20/2007
Hiya Kosey!
I've just seen your gallery and you're a really good artist ^__^ Keep it up!

20:16 Sun 8/5/2007
Hi, I saw your bulletin, and I gotta say you should definitely go with Photoshop ^^ Lots more options, and I think that it's (overall) more fun that Paint Shop Pro.

As for your scanner issue, you don't need a scanner as long as you draw on the computer with your tablet or your mouse. However, if you do have a scanner, it's nice 'cause you can draw and color in your own line-art after you scan it. But if you have a tablet, you have nothing to worry about.
If you want some more info from me, then just tell me if you have a scanner or tablet (which, by the looks of your pix, you do).
Plus with Photoshop, (I don't know about Paint Shop, 'cause I got my tablet after I trialed them both) if you use your tablet, (at least with Wacom tablets, but I'm sure other companies do this as well) you'll get special brushes on Photoshop that only work for your tablet. And your tablet works like a real pencil- the more pressure you put on it, the thicker the line. MS Paint doesn't do that :P

so, if you have any questions, just send me a comment, OK?


13:45 Fri 7/13/2007
Hey bud, you have an awesome gallery here. :D

I think it's you, or maybe someone else, (forgive me) that drew a pic of Simba on the sketcher and wanted to turn it into a night pic, I tried my hand at it. Here ya go: :D EDIT: You're welcome. :D

02:12 Thu 7/12/2007
Hey! I'm on a mission to do an art trade with everyone on TLKFAA. So if you can do an art trade with me, even if you don't do art trades, that would be really cool. Tell every one you know, & let me know if you accept.

21:35 Tue 7/3/2007
Ecco Geek
Hey Kosey! :D
I had a great idea for one of the worlds for the Lilymud Hearts thing. :3 Dinosaur is a Disney movie, so why not? :D Prehistoric Wastes, I think it shall be called. But if anyone else has a better name idea, please feel free to tell me. I'm gonna make Sora a Stygimoloch. I've been planning it, and the spikey-headed dino fits him perfectly. :3 But if Tidus ish the Keybearer, he can always be a Stygi too.

EDIT: Okay. Let me know what happens! :D

14:50 Sun 5/13/2007
clarkey lou
hia friend :)

i love your work!! *faves*

cya on sketcher sooooon!

10:55 Sat 5/5/2007
nice gallery)

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