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<i>2015-11-21</i> : <b>"Hello From the Outside"</b>
<br>Hi again, TLKFAAers. It's been awhile, but of course I had to show up here again in time for The Lion Guard premiere. I missed y'all!
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<br>Hello and thanks for checking out my gallery! Art Trades/Requests are CLOSED, since I have a lot on my plate at the moment. When they're open, only canon and semicanon trades will be accepted. Don't hesitate to email or comment if you're interested or have any questions! I'm always open to making friends, so don't be afraid to contact me. :)

<p><b><u>Gallery Features</u></b>
<br><i>Bonzanza!!!:</i> Recognize those under-appreciated members of TLK society with Koraden's Bird Bonanza! Check out the African Birds folder for beautiful avian pictures! Last event: December 2007
<br><i>100 Picture Challenge</i>: A challenge that originated on DeviantArt where each artist creates pictures to match 100 set themes. My ultimate goal is to make all of them but the introduction canon or canon-related!

<p><b><u>For My Fans</b></u>
<br>As of November 21, 2015, I have 920 fans!! Wow! Thanks for your support! :) Some benefits... if you're my fan, you have request priority: if you would like a request, I promise to get it done for you ASAP. (Only when I have requests open, of course.) You also get preference if you apply for one of my adoptables. Thanks again for calling me one of your favorite artists!

<p><b><u>Koraden's Adoption Policy</b></u>
<br>I have a pretty open mind when it comes to don't have to draw the character, but that helps your chances. It would be nice if you draw them now and then, and if you could send the first pic to my art trades/requests. Take note that I am <i>not </i> prejudiced based on artistic skill, so don't be afraid to apply! To all the adopters out there--have fun drawing your new characters!

<p><b><u>Trades/Requests in Progress</b></u> (only canon or semi-canon please)
<br>Currently requests and art trades are closed. Sorry!

<p><b><u>100 Picture Contest</u>
<br>Pictures remaining:</b> <font size=1>3.Light 4.Dark 10.BreatheAgain 12.Insanity 13.Misfortune 15.Silence 17.Blood 18.Rainbow 20.Fortitude 22.MotherNature 24.NoTime 28.Sorrow 31.Flowers 32.Night 35.HoldMyHand 37.Eyes 39.Dreams 40.Rated 42.StandingStill 43.Dying 45.Illusion 47.Creation 49.Stripes 54.Tower 58.KickInTheHead 61.FairyTale 62.Magic 65.Horror 66.Traps 67.PlayingTheMelody 71.Obsession 72.MischiefManaged 73.ICan't 76.BrokenPieces 77.Test 78.Drink 79.Starvation 80.Words 81.PenAndPaper 82.CanYouHearMe? 83.Heal 84.OutCold 85.Spiral 87.Food 88.Pain 90.Triangle 93.GiveUp 95.Advertisement 96.InTheStorm 97.SafetyFirst 100.Relaxation

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Welcome to my profile page!

Thank you all for voting me Artist of the Month for February 2009!

Contact: I love comments! Tell me what you hate/love about my pictures because I'm always working to improve! Requests and art trades are currently closed, though I will sometimes collab in Sketcher if you catch me there. :)

Style: I think there is a lot to be said for TLK style artwork, especially concerning canon characters. There was a great deal of development for the designs of the original "Lion King" characters and I find it fun to imitate that style to pay tribute to the movie and all the designers who worked on it.

Tools: I do quite a bit of drawing in the TLKFAA Sketcher. My image editing/drawing software of choice is Adobe CC. I use a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet - the current analogue is an Intuos Medium.

Fursona: Right now my primary fursona is an adolescent lioness named Aden. She recently had a slight redesign with my 2015 return to the site.
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