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Hi and welcome to my gallery ^________^

My artwork is traditional with the help of photoshop. I will soon be posting a comic called "Torn Love". It is you average Romeo and Juliet story. Conflicted between two prides, a torn love, you get the idea! Feel free to comment on my work and I'm taking requests!

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Hey, it's Kopa-Ku!
I just wanted to say that
I'm a very good artist and
I'm currently taking requests.

My artwork is based off of love
stories and may be a few crossovers.

I hope to put my story "Torn Love"
into comic version very soon, so
all of you my see my characters
brought to The Lion King Fan- Art Archive!

Oct. 26, 2009
I'd like to make u a gift pic. U have a fursona?

EDIT: a fursona is a character you use to represent yourself in your art. For example, mine is a cheetah. He represents me in any picture he appears in.

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