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Hai guys! I'm really glad to finally be part of this community as i've been a huge fan of the site for years! *bonks head* call me a slow poke, if you will, but better late than never! :P I'm hoping that my artistic abilities on the computer will improve in time..i'm not very gifted in that respect. (Hay! that's what they make scanners for! For the time being at least..) WEll, uh, not much to say just yet, because i'm simply a stranger as of now, but one of my chief goals is to befriend you lovely people, and someday take over the entire archive! MUAHAHA! Tehe, I'z just kidding, I greatly admire you guys, you deserve so much credit! <3
By the way, my real name is Jen, just to throw something partially normal out there.
Ooo! If you play KovuLKD's super, awesome game Impressive Title, you can probably find me on there, as Phil Collins :P
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