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Heyyy Koen_Asher here! Welcome to my Profile!

I made a story, so make sure you check it out!
Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

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i iz watching you.

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Heyy all.

Hrmm... what to write. Letss see. My real life name is Amanda. I lovee the Lion King and TLKFAA^^ i hate chat speak, so please dont do it in sketcher. I like pie. Especially french silk. Numms. im a short one, or as some would say fun-sized. i loveeee pandas. and im very friendly, so dont be afraid to say hello on sketcher.

well thats it for now. haha :3

22:58 Mon 1/3/2011
Heya! I saw your bulletin, would you like to do an art trade? :3
edit: I'll draw Asher if that's good with you?
Edit: Course'! :D Looks like we've got a trade!

11:12 Wed 12/1/2010
Hi Koen_asher!
Found your gallery through the latest pic you uplaoded x3
Just wanted to say hi and keep up your art ^.^

19:26 Tue 11/16/2010
Lightning Strikes Twice
sorry I did the wrong pic 4 ur contest, notree but there is a good one coming (:

09:14 Tue 11/2/2010
Nala Kiara
hi visit my web page ok !!!!!!!!!!!!

19:51 Sat 10/23/2010
U won 3rd prize in contest,u get 1 awsome headshot pic. thanks for entering XD

01:59 Mon 9/27/2010
King Sabre Tooth
just read your story. can't wait for more. its really good!!!

can we do an art trade? can i please draw Dmitri and Kendi. love your story to bits! should should make a comic of it!

19:25 Thu 9/16/2010
elloz! I saw your bulletin, and I'd be more than happy to help you make a banner- whether it be actually making one up for or just telling you how to do it yourself...just let me know if you'd like my help :)
EDIT: Totally our choice as far as my involvement goes, I'm more than happy to help ya out in either way :)
and thank you! ^^

17:39 Mon 9/6/2010
You requested a Tyrine, and I made him:

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