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<font size = 2><font color=blue>UPDATE (8-16-07):
Did some spring cleaning (in late summer? Oh well) on my gallery... shifted stuff, deleted really ugly stuff. Though I accidentally deleted a slew of pictures I meant to just move to the Old folder, which stinks. I wonder if I even have those anymore.

As for the comic, yes I do intend to finish it. Unfortunately my inspiration is quite dead and I need to revive it before I continue... nobody wants it done if I'll only do a cruddy job, right?</font>

IS NOT on MySpace
IS on <A href=>; DeviantART</A>
IS SORT OF on Facebook :P
DOES use a couple IM services (though very infrequently)</font size>
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<font color=blue><b>I just want to say, thanks for this great honor!</b></font>

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Hey! I'm the artist behind Kobb! Don't let it throw you off that I'm not male like Kobb the cheetah is...truth is I've never been good at drawing female characters and I don't roleplay 'em well either. So yeah. Hi!
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