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hiya i'm really new at all of this so say hi, lets get introduced!! :D

I love to draw and will gladly do some trades and personalization and whatnot don't be afraid to ask ^_^

I strive to be a great artist and to show many stories and touch many heart through my work.... its a long way away but I am ready for the critique filled journey!!

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12:19 Thu 2/18/2010
Celestiania Rhapsodos
Hi! I'm not sure if you saw my bulletin or not, but you get a free request from me for participating in the contest! Please contact me asap!

17:08 Sat 1/30/2010
Hi Kiyo
I can´t draw now because I had an accident.I was playing voleyball and unfortunately I dislocated thumb on my right hand.
You had requested me for Icon MOTHER AND CUB please leave me your refs in my user comments in my gallery.
I swear that you will recive your pictures soon as I will be able to draw again!!!! I´ll send you your picture to your art trades requests.

09:35 Fri 1/29/2010
thank you for your kind words!! ^_^

id love to do a trade with you but im kinda backed up so ill let u know right away ok? XC

19:29 Mon 1/25/2010
Skyler Duma
I saw your bulletin about the coloured pencils and requests, that's AWESOME.. So if you're still doing requests I would love for you to do my char Shadow.. :3
Her design varies a bit..

But yeah I love your art, it's really interesting! ♥

Edit: Hmm well I say, let your imagination flow! But if you really can't think of anything maybe Shadow..going through a swamp.. :'D

16:07 Mon 1/25/2010
Wow, you got talent! I love your art and I hope we can be friends! Come visit my gallery! I don't bite (sometimes) ^_-

20:38 Sun 1/24/2010
Hi Kiyo. Looks like you're pretty new here, so Welcome to TLKFAA!

I saw your bulliten and was wondering if I could get a request. Could you please draw Izzie and Julian for me? Thanks sooo much!

EDIT: Um how about them playing together? You can choose the background :)

Thanks again for doing this <3

20:34 Sun 1/24/2010
whoa how have i not seen this place before??? i saw ur bulletin and decided to come check it out :) *faves* if ur looking for a request id love to ask for one :) let me know and then i can get u a ref

edit: cool :) can u draw leo for me? he doesnt have a proper ref yet so i hope this is ok lol :)

thanks again and if u need any help gettin around the archive let me know :)

Edit: if you wanna add a background be my guest, but i dont really need one :) and the pose can be whatever you want haha :)

Edit: haha :) saw ur new post lol ill try and explain... requests are when you draw something for another artist kinda like if your bored or in your case lol eager to draw. trades are where you draw something for another artist and they draw something for you... there's character trades where you create characters for each other too... hmmmm guess thats it lol :) hope it helped

Edit: in your gallery and then u can send it to them using the "Art Trades and Request" button... you'll have to know the name of the artists profile to send it to them, then they can approve it and itll show up in that tab... thing... lol :)

17:17 Fri 1/22/2010
Oh I haven't commented here yet?
Just wanted to say hi and you seem to be knew so WELCOME TO THE ARCHIVE :D
Keep it up with your arts ^.^

06:27 Thu 1/21/2010
hey Kiyo, your gallery is great i can't wait to see more of your pics, they are great, and we can always talk on sketcher or i guess just an e-mail see you

02:18 Thu 1/21/2010
wow you are such a talented artist. im new here as well i would like to do a trade with you deffinetly so if you want to ask me :D

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