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Kivuli [Shadow]

I'm still alive, mostly at DA, but will upload here TLK-related pictures.

You can be my guest at <A href="">DeviantArt Archive</a><BR>

Thank you for your comments, they supports me every time!

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Well, I'm curious, friendly, lasy, but always try to keep my promises....
I have many interests but only some of them is not only an amusement for a long time but also a great part of my life. And drawing is the part of my life too.

I think I'm not professional artist, though I have visit optional drawing in my university for 2 years. But there was a "realistic" group, so I study to draw TLK characters by myself. Now I'm too lazy to train a lot with them and usually draw me and my friends.
Often I draw when I have not only time for it but also a good mood. So I can appload new pictures not very often;)

And for all who feel they've seen my name somewhere else;) I also have seen the same name several times (and at the least one time it was a very good artist). And I registered on some Russian TLK forums. So who knows;)
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