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13:15 Mon 5/27/2013
happy birthday kiree!

Roar deleted.

19:31 Fri 4/19/2013
Welcome to TLKKFAA :D

11:03 Sun 4/14/2013
i think the art you have so far is really good, keep it up :)
also i dont know if you know this or not but i fanned you

also if you ever have a request, im open for them ;) (just pointing out)

edit: log in (on the way where you upload stuff) and where it says how many fans you got, click it and it should tell you who your fans are, sometimes you can click their names on that list to go to their galleries :)
also on the main page theres a tab saying "View Artists" click that and you can look up artists that way too :)

hope this helped, and if you need help understanding anything, go ahead and tell me :)

as for your request, i'll get to that asap :)

03:02 Thu 12/6/2012
Great art!! Your fursona is really cute! ^.^

21:36 Mon 9/17/2012
Hi there Kiree :) You have lovely art <3

In my artist comments, you asked to do an art trade with me. So... What would you like me to draw for you?

13:09 Mon 1/23/2012
heyy its Gio, just thought i'd drop by and leave you your first comment! (: hehe hope your pic uploads soon!

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