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<TABLE ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH=100% TABLE width="678"><TR><TD><TD background=""><font size=4><font color=#99CCFF><center><font face="Tempus Sans ITC">Hi all!!! Welcome to my little gallery</font>
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<TD><font color=99CCFF>I have a DeviantArt account too.
<p>The Marauders will take you there -></TD>
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<p> <font color=#336699> ¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤§¤ <br><font size=4><font color=#0099CC>I doubt it will ever happen because there are so many other awesome artists here, but I<br> <u>won't</u> be able to take any requests or do art trades,<br> all because of college yuck:( sorry, but anyway I just wanted to mention it.
<br><br><font color=#336699>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<br><font size=4><font color=#0099CC>A HUGE Thank You to everyone who voted and supported me for Artist of the Month. <br>It was such an honor!!<br><img src=""><p><b>OMG!! (497) people have added me to their fave. Artist list. THANK YOU SO MUCH

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Joined Jan 12, 2003
First Upload Jan 12, 2003
Latest Upload Oct 27, 2006
Gender Female
Location U.S.
Occupation college student, and an aspiring animator--life guard in the summer
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AIM kira61784
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Hiya everyone,
My name is Kira a.k.a. Mirage( can I write this so it doesn't sound like a personal add?)

Well I am a Black Panther, actually a Black Leopard to be specific.

I also go by Mirage. It was a nickname that I was given by my best friend, Indy and it just stuck.

Indy taught me everything that I know. When he found me I was scared and alone, now nothing scares me...expect bugs ~shudder~
He taught me to fight and survive on the street of Cairo, Egypt.

He helped show me who I was and brought out a side of me that I never knew that I had.

~For info on my human form, See below~
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