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Welcome to my artist's page.

I have done quite a bit of updating, since it's been like...a long time since I've been on the archive. So here I am, and I'm not a noob anymore. I've got a tablet now, too. I look forward to seeing you all, and yes, one day I will be the Artist of the Month...You can Count on it<3.</center>

<b><u>Request Status</u>:</b> OPEN. I do mostly feline characters, just as a side note.

<b><u>Trade Status</u>:</b> OPEN: I love trades, but I'm really slow with stuff right now. It may be better to ask for something else.

<b><u>Commission Status</u>:</b> CLOSED: I'd never make people pay me for art, I'm not good enough.

<b><u>Pictures Owed</u>:</b>


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18:16 Mon 9/7/2009
02:34 Wed 10/17/2007
19:11 Sun 10/14/2007
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21:45 Sat 10/6/2007
18:29 Sat 10/6/2007
16:16 Sat 10/6/2007
16:11 Sat 10/6/2007

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Joined Sep 22, 2007
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Latest Upload Sep 7, 2009
Age/Birthday Mar 8, 1991 (age 28)
Gender Male
Location Anywhere & Everywhere.
Occupation College Student
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