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i've been doing a lot of human drawings for.. well.. this year. I havent been very focused on my lion characters much but i'm still going to upload one or two things.. here and there.. not very often
thats where im most active ^^" if you find me on there, i'll find you, and then i'll be able to follow your artworks better than i do on here 8D -i still remember heaps of people from tlkfaa, so i'll most likely remember you :'D -

--let me start by saying, HELLOOO THERE
welcome to my gallery :)
im here to learn and to help others, i love talking to people and if you ever need a shoulder to cry on im here
even if i've never talked to you in my life :)

- HighlandPride
- Neon-lightning
- Sunny Savannah
- Kamy
- Scarla
- fruitycutie
- Spork Spartan

im amazed ast how many people asked for banners :)
so for now until i finish them i wont be doing requests/trades/character designs or rouke requests.
And for everyone waiting, can you get back to me about what you would like asap :)

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A very silly girl :)

17:18 Wed 2/3/2010
Hi there!

Your artwork is gorgeous! I like your style :P

lol I think I'm a little late for the banner request XD

EDIT: yay!! I don't care how long it takes don't worry ;P

EDIT 2: Oh! yes lol well humm.... if we could see a side view of my char, like the head and her back (if you see) and Kamy written somewhere :3 Thanks so much! If you have any questions, just ask ;P

20:53 Mon 2/1/2010
Could you do one of my fursona, Savannah? You should be able to find the one I did of her in sketcher in the Character folders. Thanks. :)

16:40 Mon 2/1/2010
Banner plox? :3
I saw your bulletin, and I would like to take you up on that offer. ;)

EDIT: Hm. my Characters Raisa, Murphy, Connor, and Highland all together. all playful and cute like! :3

10:32 Mon 2/1/2010
WOW! I love you're artwork it's amazing!!

Hey saw you're bulletin and I would love a banner! pretty pleeeaaaassseee??? LOL XD

EDIT: Ummmm can u draw my two fursona's Neon and Takari? and have my name in some bright neon coulours? the rest is up to you! :)

12:33 Sat 1/30/2010
Spork Spartan
GOSH DARN IT!5000777 people requested banner before meh

12:12 Sat 1/30/2010
Darn it! No more banners... ;-;

11:54 Sat 1/30/2010
I would love a banner! Could you draw Hale and Scarla all love-y? Maybe them lying down, and nose touching? Idk just a idea ^^


Hale: (notice his cross near his eye XD Its kinda hard to see)

Thankies <3333

11:02 Sat 1/16/2010
You still taking the requests you put on your bulletin? I want a slot :D

EDIT: Hmn depends. Are you taking Rouke requests? :)
I have an idea for a little male cub in one of my comics <3

If not Id love a picture of Mollie :D

EDIT2: Yay :D I want a little male cub and his mommy (lol). Any base colors will work, just make them semi-natural (like, nothing blinding Cx). For the horns I like neon colors. My favorite color is purple. Im not sure what colors the eyes can be but for the mother purple horns and gold eyes would be amazing. Have fun with the baby <33

I can't wait to start my comic <3
Its gunna be so cute :D

Thanks Kip! *luffs*

17:59 Thu 1/14/2010
Malyss Nightshadow
Hey Firstly i abasolutaly love your style, secondly i saw your bulletin and was wondering if you could possibly make a character design for me I love the way all of your characters are made ^^
Thank you,

17:23 Thu 1/14/2010
Hey there Kipper :3, you've got some pretty cool art up here. I saw your bulletin, and I was wondering of you would like to do a request for me C: Could you draw this guy please-

Thank you in advance :D

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