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Hello my lovelies!

I'm not as active here as much anymore and I apologize for that.

Will pop in every once in a while to say hi and let you know I haven't forgotten my home <33

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*pokes head out* Wow you actually took time to check this out eh?

Well what's there to say?

Like I'm sure it is with everyone who joined this site, I'm a huge fan of The Lion King and have been ever since I was little. It was a big inspiration for me with my art and continues to be to this day.

I was so surprised to find this site. Best accident that could ever happenXD

And I would like to thank Brian for creating and maintaining this wonderful site, for if it weren't for him none of us would be able to enjoy it like we do!

09:08 Sun 10/27/2013
How have I missed your art all this time?? D: Glad you entered the contest, because I just had a lovely stroll through your gallery. *insta-stalk*

02:28 Sat 8/3/2013
Hi Khana! I stumbled on your archive by accident and I must say, you have great style! Since my long -time vote for Artist of the Month, Mithril, just got picked (yay!), I must confess that you are my new vote! You have my support until you win it :) I hope we can do art together sometime, as soon as I update my old archive haha.

11:06 Fri 6/21/2013
HI Khana <3

I was just dropping in to see if you'd be interested in a trade with me (: I'd be certain to finish my piece first- I just wanted to see if you had any interest at all first x]

edit: Wonderful, wonderful. May I draw the charming Jacques Beaumont? Hes such a handsome character, I would be honored with the task of drawing him!

edit: You may draw whomever you'd like! Perhaps Arough? Hes my favorite character :) Here is your piece, finished and uploaded ^^

19:25 Fri 6/14/2013
Hi Khana! I have been through your gallery and I have to say it's awesome :D I totally faved you lol If you're in the mood to do so, I would love to do an art trade with you sometime!

EDIT: Yay awesome :D Could you draw DeAngelo for me?

Here's a headshot of him(the top one) so you can see his face better.

Who shall I draw for you?

21:33 Tue 6/4/2013
Hey, Very nice gallery ^^ I was wondering, do you want to do a art trade? :D

04:47 Tue 6/4/2013
Wolf 777
Hi Khana Wolf 777 here :) you have really cool art keep it up ;) if you have time come and visit my gallery i would love to hear from you :) keep up the cool artwork Khana, from the Wolf with sunglasses ;)
-Wolf 777.

02:59 Wed 5/1/2013
Hi, Can we make an art trade? If we can, you can draw my fursona Kari

(Ref: - She isn't antro, draw her like a normal lion XD ) , running on sawanna ^^ And... Wich character should I draw?

19:41 Mon 3/18/2013
Hey Khana, I'd like to do a trade with you. Would you be willing? :) Please let me know which character you'd like me to draw so I can get on it right away. I prefer to do dog/fox/wolf/hyena like creatures, just because I know my anatomy much better xD But I'll def do anything else.

10:45 Sat 1/12/2013
hello, i've looked at some art in your gallery and you are really great, keep it up :)

edit: okay then, i'll be looking forward to your new art when it comes :)

14:02 Tue 10/16/2012
Hello, Khana!
I know this is a bad time to ask (seeing as schools in full swing and all that wonderfullness) but would you like to do a trade with me? ^^,

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