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17:48 Sat 7/21/2012
Luv The Pink Panther! P.S YOU ARE VERY TALENTED!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE YOUR ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16:06 Thu 12/16/2010
Hi there Khala!
just wanted to say welcome to the archive, and im very impressed! youre a very talented artist with such a cute, whimsical style. ive only seen two pictures and its obvious that you have a good sense of anatomy! so congrats, and i cant wait to see more! (im seein a future Aotm here, >.> <.< >.> XD!!)
haha, youre new friend, ~Mwo *faves*

19:16 Wed 12/15/2010
Hey there, welcome to the archive! Love your first upload, hopefully there will be more soon?

10:42 Sun 12/12/2010
Nothing here
Hey, welcome to TLKFAA.!! Your first pic is great.!! This Pink Panther is so adorable.!! <3
I can't wait to see more of your arts. < 33

16:32 Sat 12/11/2010
Luna Mach
wow wow wow beauty =')

14:36 Sat 12/11/2010
You are an amazing artist! :D I love your first drawing! Who knows, I might be talking to a future AoTM ;D

Your friend:

14:26 Sat 12/11/2010
You're VERY good for a newcomer! Hope to see more!

Your new friend:

12:16 Sat 12/11/2010
I just saw your first picture, and I love it! You're a great artist. Welcome to TLKFAA =D I can't wait to see more!

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