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Joined Oct 25, 2013
First Upload Oct 25, 2013
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Age/Birthday Mar 7, 2002 (age 17)
Gender Female
Location Barcelona, Catalunya
Occupation 8th grade student, Dancer
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I'm Aroa Casia Castro; I was born on March 7, 2002 in Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain), so I'm 13 years old Pisces.
I describe myself as outgoing, smart and daring, I'm very social and I love making new friends, and who doesn't? :3
According to many people, I have a unique and different physical; I consider myself average height for my age, my height is 5'3 (1'6m), but compared to my school mates I feel a bit short, lol. I'm a lil' bit skinny (92 lbs) and quite undeveloped body.
My eyes are what people fascinates about me; I have golden amber eyes with green reflections around the iris and inside of my iris blue reflections. Although amber eyes are one of the rarest eyecolor in the world, have these blue and green reflections that makes them even more exotic. :D
Another unique thing about my appearance is the hair. Yes, even you shall see me in many photos with straight-wavy hair I actually own curly hair, people say my hair is special and cute, but I alder it because if not it becomes so messy and I can't brush it, typical curly-hair problems xD
My hair is reddish brown by the root, then by is getting closer to the tips it pass from ginger to golden blonde finally.

Like most people, I have interests and hobbies; I love to draw, especially animals and anime. Many also know that I love dance, it's my life. <3
When I get bored listening to music to cheer, I love being with my friends and doing gymnastics and acrobatics.
I especially like the quiet music but personally encourages me, is my favorite solo artist Ed Sheeran, and my favorite song is Thinking Out Loud. Instead, my favorite band is R5, it's more rock, hehe.
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