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Welcome to my gallery! Hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy drawing it! (:

.:Home of Keyoria, Cxpia, and Tantum- The Trouble Trio!:.

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<b>Requests</b>: Always open.

I am slowly getting all my art trades and requests. It may come as a surprise to you all, but I have a LOT of requests from other sites.

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I guess this is the part where I ramble on about myself so you all don't think I'm some insane creep who stalks your art, hm?? Alrighty! Well, then I'll do that. *rambleeeeee*

Nah, I'm just kiddin'. Hello and bonjour! My name is Rachel, but you all can call me Key. (; I grew up a Christian in a Christian home, where I still live now, and am an enjoyer of many different hobbies and things like that. I fell in love with TLK when I was very young and still love it to death. I grew up watching that movie, along with other popular disney movies (such as Tarzan and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron).

You could just say I'm a art junkee! I love drawing, and can draw a wide variety of things, as long as I have a picture reference for the pose and face, of course! For being such a young person of this generation, I consider my art to be quite amazing for one so young, but I am humble about it if you ask me anything about it. (;
I do do video draws, art trades, song covers(youtube; as long as its NOT screamo. I can't scream to save my life), requests, and more! I don't do commissions at the moment. Don't have a credit card. Sorry!

Anyway, enjoy my gallery and my constructive critique on y'all's beautiful pieces! I love being sweet about that kind of stuff. (;

Which TLK character are you?

You Scored as Simba!
You are Simba! You've suffered immense hardships, but you can see the larger picture, realizing that there is light at the end of the tunnel as long as you continue on. Family and best friends are sacred to you and you would leap to defend them at any time, at whatever cost. You also have a tendency to be sentimental, sometimes allowing your emotions to supersede your better judgement. And yet, at other times, you're not enough in tune with your emotions. You need to find an equal balance between faith and logic. You're still great, though, overall!

Which breed of big cat are you?

You Scored as Leopard
You are the leopard, skiddish and shy(but only a little), yet Very strong. You lack the nads it takes to assert yourself at times, but you get by just fine without them. Good for you.

Cougar (Mountain Lion)

09:37 Fri 7/13/2012
Look how far my Key has gone<3.

:DDD The user comments is the characrer I adopted out too you! Scoore<3
Wellp, We should art trade sometime soon. Or character design.You have improved much,by... alot.(:
I miss you!


14:13 Mon 5/21/2012
You are an wonderful artist! especially for one so young! Goodness you're so much better than i was when i was your age (i'm pretty sure you're better than me now xD)

02:34 Sun 2/5/2012
Magenta Hyena
Hey key, I finished the charachter, he's here:

I suppose his eyes/hooves/glowstick can change with mood. I went overboard with the colors, so change what you want if you want. XD

14:38 Thu 12/29/2011
heyy there :D
take a look ^^

sorry for the delay xD
i hope you like it (:

12:44 Tue 12/20/2011
I LOOOOOOVE Key's curly tail (and ears) :3 it makes her a little more unique than the average fursona, and your characters, are anything but average ;)also, if you're putting up some of your characters, I may just have to take a look at them!! I'm planning on getting a da account myself so YAY!!! I've looked for you on there and was disappointed that I couldn't find you!!

08:32 Tue 12/20/2011
No Way! you live in missouri. so do i/ well did. + your artist profile describes me as well down to the last word!
AHHHHH! i have freaky unknown of lost twin! XD
Your art is totaly awsome by the way!

Edit: hey, key, sure i'll try to hold him for you, but if someone else applies for him and you dont have your app in by the 3rd i'll have to give him to that other person. if that does happen id always be willing to design you your own genet :)

Edit: sure :)

More Edit: YES,YES, YES! you must keep her curly tail. its so fun to draw! you better keep her fluffy hair as well or i think adwin will be disapointed ;) on a second note, YAAYYY key is getting a da acount, so happy, ive looked for you on there for ever :D

07:53 Tue 12/20/2011
hiya key (yush another updated comment XD)

i saw your bulletin and i though keys tail is awesome and unique :) also your losing her curly ears?!?!?!?!?!? no way man! thats one of the things i LOVVVVED about her ;( but you do what you want :D also YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR GETTIN A DA ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* ty man ^^ also i have finished your wolf sona o3o i hope you like it when you see it 8)

also your gonna put some of your cubs and older characters up for adoption are ya? IM AM INTERESTED! 8D also will you still be called Key/to/Failure on DA? AND my name is not KLASHER on da some one stole mah name -.- so im KLASHER98 :) anyways cant wait to see that character i requested 8DDD and i dont mind how long i have to wait XD also i understand if you have been busy of have forgotten XD

here is your wolf sona pic (the bigger version ;)) ------->


13:19 Thu 11/24/2011
oh dam -.-

20:53 Wed 11/23/2011
Hi again, Key. I'm just wondering did you get my app for the first lioness (black with blue eyes)?

Well I guess it doesn't matter. I'm gonna try for the red eyed lioness. Expect a pic from me soon. :)


10:46 Sat 10/1/2011
[Edit] Thanks!
I would like both males to have dark blue eyes and blue-and-white striped scarfs. You can make the rest up,but keep in mind what I've said below :)
Again,thanks so much for making these boys for me!

Hello,Key! I was wondering if you would make me a couple of characters :) If you're willing, I was wondering if you would make me two male characters. If they were snow leopards,that would be great. They would be twins,so they would have they same colored fur,eyes,shape of the body,etc. If the only way to tell them apart was that the smallest male(younger brother)had stripes on his tail,that would be good.Thanks,and let me know if you want to do it!

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