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<br>Please stop by my DA gallery as well to see most of my Off-Topic art :3
<b> - Intro - </b>
<br> Welcome to my little gallery page here on TLKFAA ^^ Please have a look around but I'm asking, please don't take anything and use it somewhere else without letting me know. I'm generally a very nice person, but I don't really have time to deal with writing out e-mails to people who have stolen my work or used it without telling me or giving me credit. It's no fun and it's a waste of both our times. Thanks ^^
<br>So <b>PLEASE</B> Don't use ANYTHING in this gallery without permission!
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<br> Trades: <b>CLOSED</b> (Unless otherwise stated)
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<br> Commissions <b>CLOSED</b>
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18:04 Wed 1/20/2016
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17:29 Fri 1/15/2016
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22:04 Sat 12/5/2015
01:33 Sat 11/28/2015
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May 14, 2007, 4:14 a.m.
Pictures 324
Characters 35
Joined Feb 9, 2003
First Upload Jul 22, 2006
Latest Upload Jan 20, 2016
Age/Birthday Dec 5, 1987 (age 30)
Gender Female
Location Kingston NY <3
Occupation Student at UCCC
IM Contact
Accepting Requests or Commissions No

RL Name: Nicole Marie Sikora

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius / I'm also the year of the cat, Which conflicts with the Chinese rabbit. (For all you Furuba fans )

Age: 28, Born on December 5th. (Same birthday as Walt Disney )

Location: Duncan, OK (Originally from Kingston, NY)

A little about me:

I'm overly shy for no reason at all, and lots of people often find it adorable >3>'
I have a lower tolerance for stupid people, and people who do bad impressions. (More so the people who have the nerve to do the bad impression, and boast about how 'well' they did it.)
I love sweet things and clothing with lace and frills, and the color pink <3
Music wise I love almost everything. I'm an anime addict and have watched too many to count.
I love thunderstorms but hate getting wet in the rain. I am not a morning person, and I am a great
fan of sleeping in. I have a phobia against blue oatmeal and people licking my face. My biggest
want in life is to have a pet t-rex, and maybe get married one day... Maybe. My favorite smells are
fresh laundry, the bread aisle in super markets, and fresh PVC from opening up a brand new anime figure. Oh also the smell of brand new electronics.
I drink, I flirt, I roast marshmallows on my stove, I love musicals, being bare footed, hiding, sleeping in high places, Drawing,
and singing in the shower. I love sliding across my floor in brand new socks and I'm pretty sure my friends baby is a gremlin.

If you'd like to know more about me, which, if I haven't scared you off by now; please feel free to message me in game
or add me on MSN I don't bite. At least not yet. It's not a full moon out.

09:15 Tue 9/29/2015
I feel bad I didn't check your gallery beforehand...
you're really an amazing artist :D
do keep it up ^^

03:40 Fri 5/30/2014
Wolf 777
Hello Kavu Wolf 777 here :) fantastic art keep it up can't wait to see more from you :D

21:15 Thu 2/2/2012
In response to your bulletin, not all of the artists commenting to these kids on Facebook are being rude about it. DJ88 has been nothing but civil and some of these kids have been outright insulting and rude in response to her, or have deleted her polite requests for removal.

Obviously being rude to them from the get-go is wrong, but it's quite clear that while anyone can be nice and try to explain to them what they're doing is wrong, a lot of them simply don't care and throw tantrums over being told they can't do what they're doing. :/

12:23 Wed 1/18/2012
Hi!My congratulations to you!You were the only one person who has drawn a piccie with my adoptable.So hope you like your new char Kota!

23:53 Mon 4/11/2011
i wuv ur gallery sorry for the kindergarden speak i just weally wike it
anyway hmmmm... what haven't i said yet,
i've kissed up(jk),done pointless humor, oh yeah i was hoping over time we could be friends and stuff, and just a warning i am like this all the time ^^

06:47 Sun 5/3/2009
I love your art!!!! :D

15:41 Sun 10/5/2008
Hi! I was wandering on galleries looking for info about the "100 pic challenge" and I found you! your art is wonderful! I really like it! your character Kavu is adorable! I'm here from about 2 month and artists like you inspire me so much *.*
(oh and thank to your explains, I found all info I needed about "100 pic challenge" ^^)

Alessandro P.

15:01 Wed 4/30/2008
Hey! Thank you for Nave, he is so adorable ^^ I'm going to draw him now.

00:40 Sun 4/27/2008
Hey there Kavu, I just wanted to say that little lioness cub is absolutly adorable and I did draw a picture of her, but because i do not have auto approval, its takes a while for my pics to upload, so here is the link to it in my da account.:
I would just like a chance at her, ya know.

Also I saw you were doing art trades and I was wondering if you and i could do one. I love trades, especially with the more talented artist, it gives me intiative to improve...and you have been a fav artist of mine since I joined here. Please let me know either through comments, da, or email, which ever you prefer. Thanks and I hope you like the picture.
-Tru <3

15:57 Sun 4/20/2008
when you have some i whould love to adopt one

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