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Happy New Year, everyone.
Ive been having art-block something fierce for the last month or two, and Im still trying to get back into drawing daily, so hopefully I will have more to post in the coming days and weeks.
Thanks for stopping by, and I apologise for the recent lack of anything interesting posted.

Quick update - i always forget to update these things so i figure i should do it while im thinking about it. :P<BR><BR>
Thanks to all my new watchers. Im honored to have as many of you watching me as i do. i always like hearing what you enjoy seeing in my gallery, what you'd like to see, what there's too much of, so dont hesitate to comment.<BR><BR>
the comic is up and off to a decent start. im nearly done with the general character work and can start getting into the story. at this point, though i dont have future pages planned out exactly, i think im about half way through the first story i want to tell.<BR><BR>
one more quick comment before i finish up yet another short and infrequent update - yes, my profile says i take commissions/requests. if you want to request something, i may or may not accept depending on if its something i think would be interesting, challenging, or fun to draw. please dont take offence if i dont accept your request. commissions are always welcome and can be as boring as a sunday afternoon if that's what you want - i'll still do it. :P and please email or AIM me if you want a request, have a question, or just like to chat. i sometimes dont notice comments left here for days or weeks and wouldnt want to give the impression of ignoring anyone. :)



<B>Eek! Lookies what I got:</B><BR>
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