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<b>Tracing does make you an artist :P</b>
If you wish to use my art please ask. I don't bite. Time and time again I have seen my characters, my babies ganked right from beneath me, switched around with markings and adopted out. Please help stop that and report them if you happen to see this. Be sure to have proof as well. Thank you.<br><br>

<i>Quite often I have had people E-mail me if I had commissions open or if I was taking requests. <u>Trades are currently <b>closed</b></u>. I <u>Do not take requests</u> but <u><b>Commissions are open</b></u> to help keep me afloat in a tough crunch.</i>

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<b><u>Commission information</b></u>
$5 Illustrations + background
Example: <a href="">link</a>;
$3 Single character illustrations
Example:<a href="">link</a>;
$5 B&W Portraits
Example:<a href=" ">link</a>,<a href="">link</a>;, <a href="">link</a>;
$5 Lineart
Example: <a href="">link</a>;, <a href="">link</a>;
Any extra characters added to the "canvas" Are $1 each.
Original character designs are commonly asked for so they are also added to the commission roster.
$5 Simple character designs
Example: <a href="">link</a>;, <a href="">link</a>;
$10 Complex character designs (jewelry, unique markings etc)
Example: <a href="">link</a>;, <a href="">link</a>;, <a href="">link</a>;
All commissions are payed through <b><u>Paypal</b></u>. Ordered commissions will be done as soon as possible, or unless stated otherwise(I too have a life). Feel free to E-mail me at OR Note me on Devart at if you have a Devart account.
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About the Artist:<br>
I am a Die hard Audi fan.
I would <b>LOVE</b> to own an Audi R8 or any other Audi some day.
I also collect <u>Transformers</u> of all things.
My current collection consists of 300 individuals plus rare collector items.
My absolute Favorite Transformer character would be Cliffjumper.
I can mimic the voices of movie Frenzy and Animated Bumblebee.
I happen to enjoy Show tunes & Rock and Roll.
I still love the original Lion king Movie.
My favorite Simba's Pride character happens to be Cub Kiara.

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Disclaimer: Images were found on Google(except the Audi Club NA logo)


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