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Welcome to my gallery!

Thank you for voting me AotM ^^ *hugs the whole archive*

Art program: Photoshop CS2

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See my DA page for the art status!

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Updated: Aug. 8, 2016, 4:47 p.m.

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Joined Sep 4, 2006
First Upload Oct 11, 2006
Latest Upload Aug 10, 2016
Age/Birthday May 24, 1989 (age 29)
Gender Female
Location Germany
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This is my fursona --->
The yellow lightbulb :3

09:16 Fri 12/19/2014
Hi Kari, I just wanted to say that I'm really glad to see that you and your art is still around on here. I used to be an old memember, and have just re-joined to draw again. You were always one of my favourite artists. =)


19:00 Wed 2/19/2014
Hello kari ^^ i really love your art! one of your pictures is my computer background :D
EDIT:is one of mufasa and sarabi,mufasa are teen in the picture :) this are the picture:

Edit:yeah ^^ i have this picture how desktop from July 2012 :D

13:39 Tue 7/9/2013
Sukala A.P.
Hello, Kari! I love your work! It's amazing! ^^ Are you open for trades? EDIT: Oh. Okay, then. Maybe another time?

15:18 Fri 5/24/2013
Happy Birthday Kari!!! :) (sorry I'm a little late) I really want to make you a picture but it might also be late too :(

17:25 Thu 5/23/2013
cat star 200
Happy birthday Kari!

15:26 Wed 1/9/2013
you have amazing art, i can see why you became a AOTM.

edit: your welcome, btw i fanned you: )

Roar deleted.

19:43 Sat 12/29/2012
hello Kari :)

I just wanted to stop and comment on how lovely your work is <3 its just beautiful, really! Thank you for being such a prolific artist here :3

21:58 Sun 7/1/2012
Wild Kelly Kat
wow ur drawings are perfect! maybe u and i could do a trade sometime? see u round!

21:06 Fri 6/15/2012
The reason I found this website, is because I was looking up lion king pictures when I was littler, and I clicked on one of your pictures. Then, It led me to your web page on this site. I didnt know u could post artwork about TLK here, so I x-ed out of the site. I looked at that picture again a couple years later, and here I am!!!!! I owe you for leading me to this site. Thank you. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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