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<b>I'm so sorry to everyone with whom I still have art trades to complete (grammar? eek), but I'm really uninspired at the moment... I'm still drawing lions (like I'd ever stop), but for some reason I can't bring myself to upload anything at the moment... That, and the fact that I've somehow lost my copy of photoshop o.O
Ras, Sierra, Aquawolf and Kovuess - you have every right to rip me to shreds, lion-style - send me abusive emails or whatever, I really am truly sorry, but I will finish your trades one day, I promise :)

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Joined May 24, 2002
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Occupation student, part time Disney Store employee, full time artist!
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Hi, my name's Sophie, and in brief: I'm 18, female and live in Bilgola Plateau, a friendly beachside suburb on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. I've just finished my first year at uni, and I've got a few part time jobs- one of which is at the Disney Store, hurrah!
I guess that's where this all started – with a love of Disney. I've been watching Disney cartoons and drawing animals all my life! I've always loved drawing lions the most, so when I first heard about the lion king, I was ecstatic! Needless to say, it's been my favourite movie and my biggest inspiration ever since it was released.
I never really set out to draw lion king style, but my own style naturally moved towards Disney as I got older! Whenever I watch a Disney movie (which is *very* often), I think about becoming a Disney animator in the future – the Sydney Disney studios, where they made most of TLK2, is just a bus ride away! But I don't think I'll ever become a full-time animator – I'd probably lose my love for drawing (pfft… like that'd ever happen).
Drawing cartoon lions and other animals is a way of life for me. Not a day goes by when I don't scribble down a few little characters, and I find it hard to sit still without a pen and paper! That's why about 99% of what I draw won't appear in here – it's everywhere! My art teachers always used to tell me to stop drawing simbas all over my books, and I don't think my biology teacher will ever forget the lions which kept mysteriously appearing all over her desks…
Anyway, it's a big honour to finally be here, surrounded by so many talented artists – I've been visiting this site for months, but never wanted to join because everyone else was so good! But now I've decided just to come in and do my own thing, and to be inspired by others' works!
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