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<table bgcolor=FFFF99 border=3 bordercolor=0099FF cellspacing=3><tr><td colspan=5><center>Welcome to my gallery!!!<tr><td><center>trades: open<td><center>Requests: open<td><center>Char requests: open <td><center>Collabs: open<td><center>Banner requests: open</td></table>

<table bgcolor=FFFF99 border=3 bordercolor=0099FF cellspacing=3><td>My Adoptable Species:Kamokuri's </td><td>Colour Series:~Colour~Jewel~</td></table>

<table bgcolor=FFFF99 border=3 bordercolor=0099FF cellspacing=3><tr><td colspan=3><center>Colour list and Information<tr><td><center>Jewel:
~Pale pink~
~Dark green~
~Dark pink~
~Grey~<td><center>Kamokuri's are strange creatures
closely related to lions. They look
very similiar and they share certain
characteristics, but all in all they
are very different. Each individual
has its own special colouring and
since they are a very endangered
species they may never come across
another Kamokuri of its colour.

Kamokuri's are adoptable but only
the "colour" series are requestable.
Don't be shy to ask for one. They
shall be in the TT and the requested
one shall go straight to the persons
"requests" section of there gallery.

Kamokuri's (c) Kalotined</table>

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Hi my name is Eva and I'm 13 years old. I live in Ireland but I was born in Wales. My birthday is on the 4th of July. I love horseriding TLK and drawing. I hate fizzy drinks, spicey food or cream.
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