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Hey! Thanks so much for comin to my gallery! There's not really much here yet, so keep checking back please. If there is a while that I don't update, it's because I'm moving from California to Tennessee in like three weeks. Well, that's all I have to say, exept that I will keep updating. Oh yeah, I will also add a lil' html. ;)

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Hey to all! My name is Kaliska. Well, that's not my real name. It's an Indian name for butterfly. Anyways, enough jibbering from my mouth. Shall we continue? Well, I'm fifteen. I love to draw, act, sing, and photography. In my spare time, I write poetry, practice my awful (but improving) singing, read, and practice my acting. Oh yeah, I draw alot too! I love to use pastels, but I don't have a scanner :(. I currently live in a dumb small town somewere between Los Angeles and San Diego. But soon I will move somewere near Nashville, but not too close. That's in Tennessee, next to Virginia, were I was born. Whew, I'm oing to go for now, so later! And be sure to visit my bestest fwiend in the whole world, Jetmist! P.S. That picture on this page is ME! Muwahahaha! Ahem, I think that I got a little carried awy. Lol.
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