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Owner: KaliAS

Debut: Animation Source


Kali is a lion that is really adventurous and fierce. Kali has a a DARK brown mane that sort of looks like Kovu's mane (but the style is like his father's and Simba's). Kali's fur color is the color of Mufasa's fur. He's a tough guy. Kali always wanders near the Outlands (even though nothing lives there) and likes hanging out with his Uncle Kovu. He always makes fun of Tashe because of her mane. He is also secretly ashamed to have her as a sister. He is in love with Sukari and they have three cubs called Askari, Viungo, and Carmel.

Age: All but I usually draw him as a teen

Siblings: Tashe

Parents: Kopa and Vitani

Uncle:Kovu and Nuka

Aunt: Kiara

Great Uncle: Mufasa? Scar?

Great Aunt: Sarabi? Zira?

Great Great Uncle: Scar

Great Great Aunt: Zira

Grand parents: Simba and Nala Scar, Zira and unknown

Great Grandparents: Mufasa and Sarabi Sarafina and Unknown

Great Great Grandparents: Ahadi and Uru and unknown

Great Great Great Grandparents: Mohatu and unknown and unknown
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