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Thanks for making a stop here in my gallery. I know there hasnt been any updates for a long time cuz I kinda forgot I had an account here >..>;
But now I am working on new pictures to be posted here.

Newest Pictures:

22:01 Sat 1/13/2007
18:02 Sun 6/18/2006
16:12 Mon 4/3/2006
20:30 Mon 2/27/2006
17:50 Thu 2/23/2006
19:53 Wed 2/1/2006

Colored Line-Art:

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I enjoy the Lion King and other Disney shows. I also enjoy anime and other movies.
Updates: Well im not the best nor fastest artist in the world so time may be slow (school and all)
Me: Tend to be alone cuz I like it that way. Enjoy the outdoors (mainly mountains).
Sports: Skiing (yes I ski..14 years, visit Red River, NM), Tennis
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