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I just started drawing a whole bunch so it might not be very good but I hope you enjoy it!
I also don't have photoshop yet so mostly all of my pics will be pencil.

Thanks for the comments appreciate them.

I been having a lot of homework and baseball games and practice so i haven't been able to draw very much.
I suppose I could draw at school ,but i'm not really comfortable with people watching me, and none of my freinds like disney and tlk!

I lost my favorite pencil that I've had since august 2003! Someone stole it during band. good news is i found another one, but it's not as good.

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My name is Nick and I'm 14. Yeah, I know I haven't drawn in a while, But I finally got Photoshop I decided to color and shade that first drawing I did. My brother got me into cars after he started reading the manga Initial D. Cars are so freakin' awesome! my favorite cars are: AE86 FC3S FD3S 180SX S13 S14 and a few others.(If you don't what these cars are you should google search them and check them out.
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