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<center>Hello, fans. Thank you for viewing my gallery. I hope you enjoy my art, I know I sure am; for I see myself getting better. Which quite frankly - is amazing. xD I hope you guys leave me tons of comments. I am trying my best to get so much art out because.. Well.. My gallery is looking rather bare. To those of you who have favorited me, thank you so much! I look forward to meeting more people who admire the artwork I am putting in there!</center>

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01:03 Tue 3/2/2010
00:35 Tue 3/2/2010
23:33 Fri 2/26/2010
23:03 Fri 2/26/2010
02:45 Fri 2/19/2010
01:30 Fri 2/19/2010
01:13 Fri 2/19/2010
19:18 Mon 12/7/2009
14:54 Sat 12/5/2009

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Most of my pictures are of my character, Kaiah. I have not decided whether or not I want her as a Lion, Liger, or Tiger just yet. I will roughly draw out what she would look like as both and I will let others decide.
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