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Welcome to my page! :D I’ve been a Lion King fan ever since I can remember and now with The Lion Guard out, I’ve been thinking about it more. So much, that I've been rediscovering all sorts of aspects of the franchise and that I've finally decided to learn how to draw the characters.

I’ve been a long time lurker; I think I first came across around the time TLK 1 & ½ came about. Since then, I’ve been checking out bits and pieces of the archive every once in a blue moon. (Or maybe even less than that.)

{S’more About Me:}
-I’m a 90’s baby. :D
-I’m a cartoonist who majored in Studio Art (Disney is one of my biggest influences on my work.)
-I’m a big animation enthusiast. (I’ve dabbled with the medium myself, but I haven’t done anything elaborate with it…yet. I’m hoping I can get some short fan animations done so I can post them here…somewhere.)
-I like taking photos of nature and toys.
-I’m an inspiring voice actress…sorta. I haven’t recorded anything in a while. >_> like to sing songs and practice impressions in a recording program called Audacity.
-Also with Audacity, I like to make music mashups and I've been posting them to my YT account of the same name. (Two clicks away from the website url above if you don’t feel like searching.)
-Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, and Ma are my top favorite characters in the TLK trilogy. Kion, Bunga, Jasiri and Fuli are my top favorite characters in TLG.

{My Username:}
I usually go under the name Kirbtaro05 or some variant of that name, but I’ve decided to use Kahuna Potato for my TLK related accounts. Why you may ask?
The phrase comes from a Season 3 episode of the Timon and Pumbaa TV series. Unlike a lot of people on here, I love that crazy show and I wanted to choose a unique username that referred to The Lion King franchise. It sounds so catchy…and ridiculous. xD I also happen to like potatoes, so yeah, it was prefect for me. xP
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