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Owner: Kahlah

Debut: The Shadow Society

Star Seeker

This is my second Character that I ever made.
Her name is Ayasha Angeni Kiwidinok. o.O
One of three Role Played characters that I will forever continue with. The day I made this picture I wasn't feeling well. Aya's crying because she feels as if she's alone.

The Star Seeker
Order of Heaven
Aliginment: Neutral
Fur color ranges from Midnight black to a celtic white.

Eye color ranges from black to crystal blue

The only marking that a Star Seeker carries is the clan's symbol (Seen upon the neck or hind quarter)

Done in Photoshop 6.0, 7.0 and Paint Shop Pro 7

Mei Tai Ling

Owner: Kahlah

Debut: **Between Worlds**


Mei Tai Ling is like a outsider but she's a wolf.
Here is just a pic for when she's having a bad day, this is very rare. (x.X The birth mark can't be seen because it's on her right side. I'll fix that later on)She tends to take up her father's side of life. They are called Shadow Walkers by the Star Seekers

The Aghmah
Close members of the Star Seeker
Watchers of the unknown
Order of the Night
Alignment: Neutral

Their fur color ranges anywhere from a mixture of midnight grey to pure white.

Eye color is always brighter than most. Rarely will a pup be born with white clearish eyes

The Markings of a Agymah range from their underside, Tips of their ears, paws, tail and Muzzle. Very few have Stripes and/or spots.

Done in Photoshop 7.0
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