Are you sure?


"Tell me...
Is it over?
Do I really turn my back?...

Tell me..
Is it true?
Do I really Give up on you?...

In this world I see two things
Not the Good or the Bad
But Choices of staying or walking away.

I choose to stay
For my heart is true.
Never Turning away and giving up.

Forever we are one
Never to fall.
Friends Stick together.

A Lesson that is learned By All."

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Hmm Well what can I say..
I LOVE WOLVES ^^ ... So it's true. I have much love for the lion king that even after the fact that I watched the first movie over 100 times (o_O Yea I did...honestly. Like 3 times a day for a very long time. Even went to the movies twice to see it)... My mom hid the tape XD.

Ahh such fond memories singing the songs and loving the life out of Simba and Nala. My Favorite Characters Is Nala, Simba, Shenzi, Bonzi and Ed.. Even Scar.

From the Second one Kovu and Nuka. Yet enough of my rambling I have pictures to draw ^_^
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