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Kabili Lion

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20:00 Thu 2/21/2013
19:59 Thu 2/21/2013
19:57 Thu 2/21/2013
19:53 Thu 2/21/2013
19:29 Thu 2/21/2013
19:27 Thu 2/21/2013

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Age/Birthday May 5, 1995 (age 22)
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Hi, i'm Jonathan Callahan(A.K.A Kabili Lion)
I've Been a Fur-Suiter for about 2 years know and I'm loving every second of it. I personally love The Lion King and how its art is. Thanks and Dont forget to comment and Check out my youtube and twitter im gonna be posting my Fur-Suit videos soon. Thank You for viewing my artwork. :D

00:05 Mon 3/11/2013
Nice Gallery :)
Hope to see more drawings from you

20:21 Tue 2/26/2013
Welcome!! your art looks really cool! and can see you will improve very soon if you keep at what your doing!! remember we love new comers so dont be afraid to ask questions! and also to keep on topic! if you need a friend check me out! always willing to help :)

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