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*Hi peeps! Sorry I haven't been too active lately. I've been busy with other fandoms aka TMNT :D
You can catch me on DevArt most of the time. See you there!

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Hi Everyone! My name is Kristal A.K.A. KaLEi or KriSTAL KaLEi...
I'm a big Disney freak!!!! Fave movies ranging from, of course, The Lion King to Brother Bear to Beauty and the Beast.
I'm from NYC and work as a graphic artist for Polo Ralph Lauren...nice huh ;) umm...I like long walks on the beach and stuff. Don't really know what else to say :( I guess have a look at my gallery and let me know what'cha think....thanks for reading this garbage XD

If you're interested in seeing off-topic art, check me out at:
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