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Hylo.I am KayCee Native Coyote (or KaHaTeNiCoyote/XaiazQuarie) Most of my art is of wolves and wild canines and some felines. I love TLK alot my fave movie besides Balto.

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I am accepting art trades still.My scanner is working fine. Trade might take a bit tho.

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If I fergot anyone else..let me know.

I'm taking VERY few requests right now.Your lucky if you get one..ask very nicely and give me a good description and/or picture.If I saw no don't harass me and yell and scream at me and beg..that means I'm abviosuly never talkign to you again...

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Not much to say about me. I'm a coyote/raven were. I defently love to draw. And I love the lion king tho I may not draw it as much as I'd like.
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