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Jupiter Sabre

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<br><font size="3"><b>Last Updated:</b> 08-19-11</font>
<br>After today I will be gone for the whole week till probably the 29th. I will be going to my family reunion next week where internet is none existant just like cell phone reception. However those I owe trades to they should be all done by the time I get back so on the 29th or 30th I should be uploading them all at that time so Felina and Classics expect pics for you when I return. ^^<br><br>
<marquee>"Crazy Person #3! Killer Squirrels will destroy the world!"</marquee><br><br>
<center><a href=""; title="How much am I worth?">I am worth $1,305,500 on</a></center><br>
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<br>NOTE: Just to let those who are doing art trades with me I will be waiting until the other artists part is done before I will upload my part. I won't have any problems getting mine up anymore and I want to make sure I don't put a whole bunch of effort into my part and then the other artist doesn't hold up to their bargain.
*N'Kira(Trade)(Their part = not complete) - done and uploaded
* Felina Mei(Trade)(Their part = not complete) - Not started
* Classics(Trade)(Their part = not complete) - Not started
* Empty

<br><center><br><marquee><b>Friends:</b> <a href="">Artemis</a>; | <a href=""; target="new">Heise</a> | <a href=""; target="new">McKenzieWolfy</a> | <a href=""; target="new">Laturia</a> | <a href=""; target="new">Druid</a> | <a href=""; target="new">Mirri</a> | <a href=""; target="new">Astrocat</a> | <a href=""; target="new">Jadine</a> | <a href=""; target="new">Catta</a> | I'd love to have a few more. The more the better.</marquee>


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I have <font size="4">33</font> fans! *Huggles all her fans* Thanks guys!

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I don't explain myself. My friends understand and the rest wouldn't believe me anyway. ^__^

Hi I am Jupiter Sabre.

I am 23 years old. I am white or even cherokee there's a mixture of both, I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I love to draw as any of the people here do. I am a huge fan of Dragons, the Jak and Daxter series for the playstation 2 (Love, love Daxter!), and almost any type of music (Except for country. *Screams* Keep it away!!!). I totally love the final fantasy series and almost every anime found on Adult Swim.

As for some reason I have this thing for lions. It's just about the only thing I can draw... well. '^__^ I have not one but two favorite colors which would happen to be Black and White the two colors that stand for both good and evil. Ironic no? Love cartoons and collecting stuffed animals. I'm sure by now you'r thinking this girl needs to act her age right? Well it won't happen. =D

I am not suffering from insanity, I am enjoying every minute of it!
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