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I am back, current projects are drawing my character Necro (my necro, not Nightmare's fursona!)as a cub and developing a past for him. Oh, and a couple of contests. And I am not into Yu Gi Oh right now... Yu Yu Hakusho^^ Sorry I changed my name again, I promise to be Jin forever^^

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I changed my username. I am still and always will be Black Thunder, that's my nickname and my cousins is White fang. Right now I am mildly obsessed with a certain boy from Yu-Gi-Oh...

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I felt it was time to update my profile, being that I haven't actually updated it or even said anything of significance in it. I am 21, just turned 21 this last June. My favorite color is Black, I scarcely ever wear anything besides it. My mother hates it very much. I have a Guinea Pig named Pavel Chekov, just called Pavel normally, and a chihuahua named Scabuka (apparently it means "hog" in German.) and she is a girl where Pavel is a boy. I am a strict cat person though I do like some dogs, I just don't prefer them. I am a female, not a woman, not a lady, a broad, etc. I am not a girly girl, I drift more towards being tomboyish, though I do always wear black eyeliner, occasionally red and black with red, and I have nine ear piercings. I have 4 tattoos, one I got when I turned 20 in the form of claw marks, in red even. The other three are in the gemini symbol, the X-men symbol *yes there is one!* and the last is still being worked on, in the form of stitch marks. The latter three I did myself. I adore Lord of the Rings, the Chucky series, Freddy Vs Jason, Star Trek, Walter Koenig, Billy Boyd, Miyazaki movies, *particularly Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving castle and The Cat Returns* The Grudge series, and reading and music as well as drawing. In the past I have been known as BlackThunderTheLiger, Valon, TempestStormHuntress, and Jin. I am a little over half Native American, and the rest is German. My interests are cats, drawing, rodents, iguanas, chihuahuas, music *a mixed variety, to put it lightly*, black, blood and my bed. Among other things I'm sure. I also have a fetish for hair, particularly long hair, particularly men with long hair. I am a very contrasting person, in personality and interests, like I have two sides much like Gollum/Smeagol. I also collect daggers, knives, swords and the like, lighters *even though I don't smoke* and apparently keys. I also like 80s music, some 90s. Such as Def Leppard, Van Halen, Guns N Roses, etc. Therefore the tribute band Hairball is the absolute best seeing as how they seem to do the exact songs I like from some bands since I don't typically like every single song. If anyone here hasn't heard of Hairball, what century are you living in? xD Alright then, I'll be done now. I said too much already ;)

~Love always, *or rather, NOT xD*,

Jin, also known as Ax

Harry- thinks you are a very good friend. He loves the pranks that you pull but he likes them even more when he is not the target.Ron- is jealous that his twin brothers get to spend so much time with you. He wonders if you would ever choose him over them.Neville- thinks your pranks are a riot and has a little crush on you.Fred and George- love you to death. They love your sense of humour and the pranks you come up with. You are their world and if the time ever came they would give up everything even their practical jokery to prove that the are worthy of your affection.Malfoy- finds you amusing but hates you when he is the targets of your pranks.Hermione- feels you are very childish with your pathetic pranks but you are friends with the trio so she has to put up with.Ginny- counts the days untill your her sister-in-law. She adores you and looks up to you. She figures if Fred or George don't ask you to marry them Ron sure will.Cho- likes you as a friend but you're not exactly bestfriend materialLuna- thinks you're wierd (she's one to talk)Pansy- doesn't notice youProfessor Dumbledore- thinks you are an average student and actually supplies you with the materials you need for your pranks.Professor Mcgonagall- smirks whenever she sees one of your pranks have been initiated.Hagrid- thinks you're his favourite student and doesn't care which Weasley you get together with as long as you get together with one.Snape- hated you ever since you turned him into a technicolour slug.

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