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Here's the update on my work:

Latest upload - a long time ago :(
Trades/Requests currently -Open
Drawings in progress -Non.....HELP! D:
Expected Completion -TBA
Imagination -Endless ;)

Color drawing - Need to do another.
Still thinking about a banner.....

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22:49 Wed 7/7/2010

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Well you already know my name... Lets see... I love the outdoors. Hiking, biking, camping, and swimming to name a few. Car rides are just awesome! Traveling in general for me is very exciting and fun. I have a fear of coloring my drawings. My favorite animal is the Cheetah, but all felines are fascinating! I would love to travel to Africa someday; go on a safari and then climb Mount Kilimanjaro... but for now I'll just draw ;)
Oh... And I love to be organized!
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