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Welcome to my Gallery...I don't bite, talk to me!

Also, I'm back! I think. I hope.

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I'm accepting Requests now, so feel free to ask me to draw anything!

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Welcome to my archive...I'm very proud of it!

I'm Jennifer, also known as Anonymoux, Jeffa and sometimes even Harry. O_o

Look...I don't bite hard, please feel free to talk to me whenever...I like friends.

I love the Lion of the best things in the world.

Glee is Madness

Trades are Open
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15:08 Thu 4/14/2016
roni the lioness
Can you do a drawing of Roni and her mate/girlfriend Maya nuzzling please? ^^

20:30 Tue 4/12/2016
Saw your bulletin and first wanted to say nice to see you around the archive ^.^ Secondly if you're still looking for request fodder feel free to draw Kayess if you like ^.^
As far as what he's doing, I leave it up to you what you want to do ^.^ Thankies <3

02:24 Tue 8/11/2015
Lord Zeyphr
Hey! I see your doing requests. Think you can make a pic of Zeyphr conjuring a storm with his robes and cape blowing around? :)

16:54 Sun 8/9/2015
Sukala A.P.
Hey there! ^^

I saw your bulletin, and I would like a little request. Could you make my two characters Chaka (The cub in the middle) and Shani (The female cub on the left)? I would like you to draw them having a stroll with their mother Kiara, please!

Here they are!>

18:53 Fri 1/2/2015
Saw your request, could you draw my blind character Toni?
You could have him tripping over something or just having some problem because of his blindness.

07:20 Mon 12/29/2014
Hey, I saw your request. If you would like to draw Mint, then you're welcome to. I wish I had more characters to give you a choice.>.<


10:41 Wed 3/12/2014
hey :) I really like your art :)

09:42 Sun 12/22/2013
I accidentally uploaded a picture to one of your contests and it's completely irrelevant to the contest hahaha I'm so sorry, wasn't paying attention. If you could remove it for me that would be awesome! Sorry for being a pain! :P

10:40 Sat 12/31/2011
looks like you already got a few requests so i feel kinda bad for asking XD; But if you want to draw my fursona Namazzi you can!
If simba was in the picture too that would be awesome. (cub or otherwise is fine with me) Doesn't matter what they're doing :P
Thanks if you do! If not, no worries :P

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