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Welcome to my page! Have fun looking through my art, but please don't walk off with anything without my permission. We wouldn't want that to happen! ;)<BR>
Oh, please note, my trades and requst status is closed, so please don't ask. I feel bad everytime I have to turn someone down. <BR>
If you'd like to commission me, don't hesitate to send a holler down my way. You'll find my email link above. Prices are always negotiable :)<BR><BR>
<BR>Till next time! <BR><BR>
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Buttons at the top of the page are snippets of art done by Shayde, Kookamunga, Timali, Nocturne i am, and Spike. Animation done by NQN. Thanks all!

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hey! thanks for visiting my archive. check out my deviantart page for offtopic stuff. adios!
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