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What is this? Is this the thing that you write in about your gallary. Cool. Hey you lion king fans. Have a good look at the picture and please don't run away screaming because I'll feel sad. Nah I'm joking, But please for the good of the world DON'T look in Jaha's story. I am ashamed of the picture on there. Thank you an d have a pleasant day.

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Hi, I'm not very good at drawing but I love the Lion King. It Rocks. So be patience with me and hopefully I'll become better with time. By the way, the names miriam, I am a little wired as a certain taka's no.1 fan will agree. I'm also dysliexic so i can't spell very well, but I do my best. sorry. oh and before I go you proberly won't want to but I'd love if you wanted to draw my careters. Peace. (Oh, and yes that picture is me, Told you I'm wired)

The only T.
My Chemical Romance.
Elivs Preasly.
music from the thirties to the eighties. I feel we went down hillin music after that, aprat from My chemical romance.
Guinea Pigs. (I have 12. The whiskers)
thunder storms.
the lion king.
the open spaces.
The colour Black. (I'm a Goth)
A certain person who's name begins with an A.

Dislikes (or things I've pleaged war on)
Matt Damon.
just about everything that isn't in my likes.
Green day. grrrr.
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