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Website is up! follow me!

Hello people! please take a look around, enjoy yourself, fave a few, and drop a comment, (comments are my absolute favorite and keep me going)

Trades: Doesn't hurt to ask but I'll probably be busy
Requests: No
Commissions: always. E-mail me.

Please do not take anything that doesn't belong to you. Even if it is a lion king drawing. DON'T USE IT.

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I joined back in 2002 I believe, but I've been inactive for several years. I am back now and I'm actively uploading lionking, big cats, my own big cat species, and african animals at the time. If you want to see my other "off topic" Art go to my deviantArt page.

21:25 Wed 5/4/2011
Hey Jadine I saw your post. You have a very interesting style of drawing. Just like LST said need help, ideas, or just somebody to talk to Im here.


Edit: HA!!!! that is AWESOME!! having ur own book! I hope people buy some :D I would if I had the money!

07:07 Mon 3/21/2011
You have a great gallery and lots of talent! :D Looking forward to following you! :)


17:36 Thu 3/3/2011
What up? Your art is really good. Yea, about the request thing, you can draw me if you wanna. My name's Aslana(duh) and I have the rare blue gene in my fur. I have the Cancer(horoscope) symbol on both of my shoulders. I'm brave, adventurous, and I love to sing to my friends. Finally, I love making new friends! So, here's a char sheet for me(veeerrrryyy ooollllddd)

23:34 Wed 3/2/2011
Sadie J
Your art is really great! I'd love a trade. Just let me know. :)

23:18 Wed 3/2/2011
Hi!! i cant believe no one really got to you, you have some AMAZING art here!! if youre still up to it, would you draw me a picture?? =D

EDIT: allrighty, sounds good. =D if you pick me, would you please draw mwo??

02:49 Wed 3/2/2011
Only 6 comments? Well now 7 xD
Amazing work so far, keep it up!
I have heard that you have opened free reqests... Well ok, would you like to draw my fursona ocelot Gsira?
Her character- well hmmm... She's cheerful and always ready. Bit hiper-active and over played, but she is only a cub :) Gsira loves discovering new places in her original country South America.
Reference- (as a cub) (adult)

12:28 Tue 3/1/2011
Phinia Black
fff hey ya :3 your pics are awesome! i wanna do trade pleaaaaaaaaaase :333

12:16 Tue 3/1/2011
Hi! I saw your post and I'd like a request. If your still open, that is?
Can you do Veronica, please? She's an Ethopian wolf. Oops, sorry about that. Here's the right one.

17:55 Tue 2/8/2011
wow, you know what? I'm gonna have to fav you! -_^

16:02 Tue 2/8/2011
hi jadine im rawrz if you want a trade or need something from you can ask im usually open

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