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Jacob Black

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21:58 Mon 1/11/2010
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Joined Aug 7, 2008
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Age/Birthday Sep 30, 1992 (age 25)
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Occupation dreaming of Jacob Black, drawing, listening to music, and reading
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no my name is not jacob black xD i just think he is an awesome character in twilight. and yes whether its hard to believe or not i am a girl xD

11:09 Mon 8/25/2008
*punches air* Yessss!

Your name alone has put you in my very very very good books Jacob_Black! :D

I'll certainly be hangin' around here, commenting and such, especially on anytihng twilight related! (I am a fanatic.. it's an illness)

AND, The Covenant? Brilliant movie! You have taste!! :D

I love your first pictures, especially the one of your imaginary friends, that's extremely creative of you!
Keep it up and I can't wait to see more from you *hints*

-Racha x

00:53 Fri 8/15/2008
im on to u!!! e3e

16:11 Wed 8/13/2008
Welcome to TLKFAA, Jacob_Black!
I like the pics you uploaded already! They are very nice =)
I hope you'll enjoy it here ^o^

13:58 Wed 8/13/2008
Detharc Requiem
Heya =3 *firstcomment*

Your first few pictures are awesome already! You like drawing on Sketcher, hu?^^ Do you use a tablet? Because your pictures are looking much better than my first Sketcher pics...XD

Well, I'm sure you'll have a good time here on the archive^.^

Keep up the good work!<3


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